Pupil Voice

The Pupil council have met on the following dates:

21.9.17 – Newly elected Pupil Councilor were welcomed to the meeting. Discussion about the role of a pupil councilor within the school.

6.10.17 – After a team building game to develop the Councilor listening and memory skills, the meeting discussed how they traveled to school. Pupil Councilor were asked to do a survey in their class about how pupils travel to school each day.

27.10.17 – Pupil Councilor reported back about how pupils travel to school. The results were as follows:

5 in 10 walk to school

2 in 10 – come in a car

2 in 10 – cycle or scooter to school

1 in 10 – come  by bus or taxi

These results will be shared with the School Community in Term 3, January 2018.

10.11.17 – Pupil Councilor prepared for World Kindness Day Assembly on Monday 13th November. Councilor were asked to volunteer to take part and share what World Kindness Day is all about with the whole school.

1.2.18 – Today’s meeting focused on Safer Routes to school and the Pupils Councils roll of designing and creating a leaflet to go to all homes to explain ‘Our Safe Routes to School Policy’. Pupil Councilors received a large scale map of the Grantown area and were to ask each pupil to plot their route to school.

16.2.18 – Pupil Councilor reported back on how they were getting on with the map work. All agreed they needed more time. A dead line was set for Friday 2nd March.