Skiing for Primary 7’s

Due to lack of snow over the weekend, there will be no skiing on Thursday of this week. We still have 4 Thursdays available to us so we are hopeful that the programme will still go ahead. Fingers crossed for snow!!


Primary 7 skiing

We have had an update from Kerrie Dickson with regards to the skiing. Following on from a meeting with Free Ski on Tuesday night, everyone involved in the BSSSA snowsports programme has agreed to wait until Sunday evening before deciding whether the skiing will go ahead next Thursday, as the weather is due to turn colder this weekend and they are hoping for more snow. The school will be informed of their decision on Monday morning and we will update parents then.
Thank you for your patience.

Volunteers required

We are looking for parents to volunteer to help run our cycle training for Primary 5 pupils. A one day course will be held at the primary school on Wednesday 27th March. Training for the children will take place in Term 4 on Wednesday afternoons. If you are interested and think you would be available that day, please call the office on 01479 872525.