P7L – Miss Lee

Hello and welcome to Miss Lee and P7L!
Primary 7 have settled well into the new session and I have enjoyed getting to know the class.

We will update this class blog regularly so please visit our page. Indeed, each week we will reflect on our learning and experiences and add these reflections to this blog as well as to our ‘Learning Street’ display outside the classroom.

We had a busy start to the term with the House Captain Elections – fantastic campaigning by all the candidates!

In Numeracy we will be developing our basic facts and mental maths skills as well as developing our understanding of key vocabulary for the four number operations.

In Literacy we will be focusing on descriptive writing and in reading we will be developing our understanding and responses to the different question types. We will also be completing a writing Key Assessment Task using “The Bathers of Asnieres” by Georges Seurat as a stimulus which will be shared with parents. We hope you enjoy reading these ‘Adventure at the River’ stories! We will also use Seurat’s pointillism technique to inspire our own artwork.

Our Topic this term we will be World War II and in Health and Well-being we will be focusing on Core Values which include Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and differences.

I look forward to meeting you at Parent’s night.


Week 1
On the first day we chose our class rules for the year and signed our class contract.
In writing we wrote a personal account telling Miss Lee all about ourselves, such as our hobbies, families and favourite things. We had to include all our VCOP and self-assess our work to decide what our writing target for the term should be. By the end of the week we also set our own reading and golden/class rule target ready to share with our parents.
In circle time we did ‘Two Truths and one Lie’ which was really fun. We also did Guess Who and now it’s on the classroom wall. In addition we did a self-portrait in the style of Picasso.
By Amy

Week 2
In week two of Primary 7L we did pointillism by George Seurat and it was really hard because we had to use cotton buds, but it was also fun.
We also did writing about things that made us happy, which was a lot of things (I hope someone said P7L made them happy) we used our writing targets then self-assessed (:
We went into the ICT room to make our Textease All About Me Piece, and there were lots of things that we wrote down.
We also went back to the 1930’s and listed off the things we think/know about WW2, including the gory stuff because there was a lot of that too. We also talked about the things we would like to find out about WW2.

FUN FACT: Matthew’s obsessed with ww2 planes!!

Finally, we also learned a lot about respect, so now we’re VERY respectful, well.. we hope!

P7L is great so far!

By Grace and Morgan

Week 3
We have been so busy so far but it is all so much fun!
In week 3 P7L along with the rest of the school had M & M productions come and show the school a theoretical production of The Secret Garden.
We also did the House Captain elections. Campaigning for house captains votes was lots of fun! We had nearly half of the P7 year group go for House Captain but there was only going to be 6 places, 2 for Revoan and so on. All the candidates had to say their speech in the assembly on Friday and then the rest of the school had to vote. Unfortunately, the votes couldn’t be counted in time on Friday …… we had to wait until Monday to find out who the House Captain were.
This week Primary 4 to 7 also started their citizenship groups which we are all very much enjoying.
We also continued to work on joining our handwriting and did a seal handwriting and we had to try and do it in the shape a seal would move in!
So far P7L is fun and I am really looking forward to the rest of the year!

By Kerrie

Week 4 In P7L!!
In week 4 in P7L we are learning about our basic number facts such as our 9 times table. We learned FUN activities like bingo and how to use our fingers and look for patterns to do the fabulous 9 times table! Our main learning intention was to recognise different vocabulary for add, take away, times and divide.

We also had a nice man come in to our class called John to tell us all about what the NSPCC does to help us and we learned techniques to learn the ChildLine number it is 0800 1111!! We are going to write thank you letters to him next week.
We have been doing descriptive writing and learning about adjectives and ‘wow’ words. This helped us with our writing assessment about an adventure at the river.  Macey must love to write. She wrote 4 pages!!
We have also been adding some fun pictures to our P7L Street to Success!!

By Caitlyn and Connor!!

Week 5
On week 5 we did WORLD WAR 2 research, we found out that Hitler was actually born in Austria and was the leader of Germany. We learned when and why the war started and some of the countries on each side.
We also voted for our class pupil council reps, and Callie and Connor won the vote.
We wrote a thank you letter to John who came into our fabulous classroom last week for a talk about the NSPCC. We learned that if we get a nasty message to report AND don’t delete don’t meet and don’t reply.
For our amazing maths homework we made our own mental maths targets to work on over the next few weeks. Miss Lee told us to make our targets S.M.A.R.T (small, manageable achievable and reproducible targets)!
We also self-assessed our story Adventure at the river that we wrote in week 4 to see if we had used wow words and description.

By Leah and Klaudia

In week 6 we started reading Good night Mr Tom as our class novel and we also look at an interesting spitfire bullet that Alice’s dad found when he was younger. Kerrie also brought in an astounding grenade that her grandpa and granny found and she brought it round the class and everyone got to hold it and it was quite heavy to be honest.
In maths we continued to work on our 9 times table and we timed ourselves and we actually beat Usain bolt high score for running how amazing is that. We got 8.72 seconds!
We have been working on our similes and metaphor. A simile is when something is like something else; the cat was as dark as the night etc. A metaphor is when something is something else, Macey is an angel etc. Since we are doing fantastic similes and metaphors we decided that we would do a feelings poems, some people did sad poems, some people did happy ones as well, they were all really good.
This week we also learned about young leaders and how we can help the community, we started to make our clubs/groups that we’re going to do after school and in school time. Next Wednesday we are going to have a talk with Kerrie Dickson about young leaders and we all have our training with her and we will learn some games and skills we can use when we do our clubs. This week we all had a talk from Mairi Brown from the young volunteers about doing volunteering. On the grid we fill in each square is for half an hour and we work on getting to a ruby award at the end of the year or more!
We did a maths assessment for our vocabulary + – (divide) x it was pretty hard to be fair but oh well we did our best.
In French with Mr Lawrence we did french bingo and we counted up to 60 in French.

By Macey, John and Morgan

In week 7 we did the Edinburgh meeting so that our parents could find out what we will be doing when we go to Edinburgh at the start of Term 4.
In French with Mr Lawrence we have been playing bingo and learning the numbers up to 39 and for P.E with Mrs Nicol we have been doing Football and Shinty\hockey.
In reading we have been doing hots and lots and rose [reading group] finished shadow and violet finished Smasher.
We did a WWII evacuation research task in ICT and learned all about who, why and when they were evacuated. For homework we had to research our own family’s memories of WWI or WWII and we shared our findings with the rest of the class. We continued to read Goodnight Mr Tom as our class novel. We are hoping to watch the film too to compare it with the book.
In maths we have been learning how to identify different angles – acute, right angle, obtuse and reflex. We also learned how to measure angles using a protractor.
On Wednesday we did the young leaders training with Kerrie Dickson and we played tag games which were fun and we are looking forward to next week’s training too.

By Alex and Alice

Week 8
This week Kerrie Dickson came to do our Young Leader training with us we played lots of fun games and we lead games for the rest of the class. We can’t wait to start our lunchtime clubs next term.
In writing we did a secret garden poem of all the amazing seasons, it was an assessment so we had to try our best. For maths we have been doing angles. We have been measuring and drawing our own ones. We started watching Goodnight Mr Tom and compared it to book.
This week we also reviewed our own targets for this spectacular term. We had to say if we thought we were making progress with them.
On Friday we went to Church Alice, Caitlyn, Amy, Klaudia, Callie –Mae ,Kerrie and Zoe read out for Mr Strang.
By Amy


Week 1
On Tuesday Kerrie Dixon came in to help us plan our Playground leadership activities that we are going to start in a couple of weeks. We started mandarin with Mr Mo which we enjoyed but we had forgotten a lot of the words we learned last year.

This week we started to learn about WW1 in preparation for our assembly on remembrance. It is very interesting!

We also made some 3D poppies out of plastic bottles that will decorate the church for Remembrance Day and we did some artwork for our assembly. We did a ww1 silhouetted soldier picture and we made some 3d paper poppies.

In PE with Mrs Nicol we developed our travelling and pivoting skills and then we used these in our game of basketball because we had the rule that we were not allowed to dribble.

We also had a learning conversation with Miss Lee about how we did in our poetry assessment last term.

We had a great time on Wednesday when we dressed up for Halloween. We told the parent council some jokes and they gave us a goody bag.

Week 2
This week in writing we imagined that we were evacuees in WWII and wrote a letter home to say how we were finding the experience. Then we up-levelled our work before tea staining it so that it looked old and rustic.
We also continued learning about WWI and then we brainstormed ideas for our school Remembrance assembly. We spent the week practising our lines and we have enjoyed doing our assembly very much!
In art we did some poppy potato prints and then we had a free choice art which was fun. Our artwork looks really good and we are going to show some of it in our assembly on Monday.
In maths we continued to work on improving our times tables and division facts and this week we started working on our x6, x3 tables and -6 and -3 facts.
For homework we had to create a WINTER themed hall display and on Friday we voted for our favourite five designs. The designs we chose were Archie’s, Macey’s, Kyles, Kerrie’s and Callie-Mae’s.
In Citizenship we had a final week with our teachers and in Miss Lee’s group we used recycled material to make a litter bug, in Mrs Laing’s we reused plastic bottles to make Christmas decorations, in Mrs Sutherland’s we finished off learning about internet safety, with Mrs Wilkin’s we did road safety, with Mr Lawrence we did about human rights and in Mrs Riach’s we did outside House challenge activities. Some of us like Citizenship.

Week 3
This week we did our ww1 assembly it was really fun and our parents really enjoyed it.
We also did our targets for Term2 including writing, Reading, maths and personal.
We did work on bullying work for national bullying week we looked at the different kinds of bullying, why people may bully and also what to do when we get bullied. Also we learned that people choose to bully others it is a behaviour choice. We also did a RECIPE friendship poem using ingredient measures.
This week is Children in need week and on Friday we dressed up in our onsies or Pjs there were some gorillas, parrots and some Zebras some people just wore Pjs or school uniform but still payed £1 to raise money, it was good fun.
We did a display competition for homework to design our hall display board with a winter theme. We had fopur votes and the people who won are Callie, Archie, kyle, Macey and Kerrie did their art lesson to show us how to recreate their designs. It was fun.
By Amy and Callie!

Week 4 23/11/18
This week we have been learning about rationing in WW2 and it has been extremely interesting. On wonderful Wednesday we did some spectacular reports on the Battles of WW2 [Battle of Britain, Battle of the Coral Sea, etc.].
We had an open afternoon on Monday when our parents came in to look at our learning folders.
In maths we continued to learn about prime numbers and we did a prime number challenge sheet for homework. We also learned about factors and we did lots of 3 division facts and 6 division facts work and looking at the families of times and division – four for the price of one!
We also did Macey and Kerrie’s art for the hall display it was really cool.
For Homework we did something on the school values of which we NEED TO REVISE!!!!!! We continued to do our bullying work too.
We also did some spelling revision on Friday and in reading we have been trying to reach our targets of using a dictionary and thesaurus to help understand the meaning of new words.
We also started our Young Leader Clubs at lunchtime – they are going really well!
By Amy

Week 5
This week the class made healthy dog treats it was really fun we went out in groups and Callie helped all the groups they were cheesy dog treats. We packed them in to some jars and Clingfilm and sold them at the Christmas fayre. It was a great success!!!
In writing we did free choice to work on our targets. Some of us did imaginative stories and some did personal.
This week we have also been doing our leadership groups it has been going well.
On Friday we had the Christmas light switch on then the Christmas fayre at school some people sang in the square and came back to help at the school fayre.
In maths we have learned chunking, long multiplication and bunk beds it has been really fun.
In addition we started our volunteering sheets some people have done up to 16 hours already!

In week 6
We got to use our chrome books for the first time.it was VERY fun!! We learned how to log in to them and changed our passwords, to email and we also did a poem about the Blitz in WW2 on them.
We learned our Christmas Song we are singing Snow is Falling featuring Baby shark. It is going well.
In Maths we have been learning about written methods for times and divide.
In PE we have been doing ww2 dancing. We got put into groups of 6 and we had to make up a marching sequence.
We shared our ww2 homework that we had to choose off of our ww2 homework grid. We also got our disco tickets for Monday the 10th – we can’t wait!
By Caitlyn