P5/6 – Mrs Riach

Hello and welcome to P5/6
I am Mrs Riach and I am delighted to be teaching this fantastic class.

I will update the blog regularly so lease visit our page and add any comments.

Each week we have a reflection time and ‘my amazing memory’ which allows the class to evaluate their week and highlight any spectacular moments. This is then reflected on our Learning Road display outside of the classroom.
This term is jam packed:
Literacy – we have already studied a famous picture by George Seurat and used this to write a fantastic adventure story as well as create some great pointillism art work.
Numeracy – we have been looking at place value and understanding numbers. These skills will be used in out Money topic.
Topic – This term we will focus on Take one picture and The Secret Garden. Then we will look at Famous Scots.
Health and Well being – We are focusing on Core Values which include Responsibility, Honesty, Respect and differences.


Term 2

week 1 – what a fantastic start

In WEEK 1 we started Mandarin. With Mr Moon.  It was Halloween and we played Spooky skittles, The Mummy Wrap and Tattie Dunking. In  outdoor Ed we played The hoopla hoop challenge which was great fun. And quite tricky to remember all the rules.  We looked at how we can solve logic problems in Math. We also researched famous Scots in ICT and turned our facts into a colourful posters.Mrs Edwards visited our classroom and taught us how to write an Alliteration poem. Based on Horrid Henry . Lastly, we continued with Sound Start and Sketch up/Drama.

A great week !!


outdoor 1



Week 2

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Week 3



week 5 – Christmas begins in P5/6


Week 6

week 6

Week 7

week 7


Welcome to TERM 3

This term will be working on a heritage project where we will investigate and explore the area we live in and finally create the best town based on our ideas. We will be doing this with P6 so we have an opportunity to all get together. Likewise, All of P5 will be taking on an expressive arts project and hopefully will week 1 a in a singing competition. Both projects will give you the chance to come to open afternoons to share in the learning and experiences which have taken place.

We will be developing our language and questioning skills in reading and writing. Plus we will be looking a Persuasive language to use in presentations and communication.

In Numeracy we have started a small shape project and will then focus on measuring and time – both life skills so it will be hands on work.

Our other exciting lessons will continue such as Outdoor learning, team challenges, citizenship, active play, sound start, celebration and Super science.

week 2


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week 5

week 5

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