P4 – Mrs Sutherland

P.4 are settling in together and establishing new routines with Mrs Sutherland in room 6. Pupils have really enjoyed P.E with Mrs Nicol.  This term we are finding out about our senses and bodies. This week we looked at how easily germs are spread.  We will be looking at how to keep safe and healthy – this activity will help all of us remember to wash our hands regularly.  Later in October we will be attending a Disability Awareness Day in Boat of Garten.

During maths activities we are working on identifying the properties of shapes and improving our mental maths skills. As the term progresses we are dealing with larger numbers and investigating place value and strategies to help us add and subtract larger numbers.

We are reading and writing for a variety of purposes and trying to include more detail and extend our vocabulary.

Citizenship in our new groups has started and it is a great opportunity to get to know older pupils and work cooperatively with them.