Digital Learning

In Grantown Primary School we are fully committed to the use of digital learning and technologies to develop, support and enhance learning and we encourage pupils to develop their digital skills and creativity through the use of ICT.

Pupils throughout the school have access to tablets and chromebooks to enhance their learning. Pupils in P6 & P7 have individual chromebooks which can be used at home to support with homework.

Digital Learning Policy

Chromebook Agreement 2019

Online Safety

Lots of our young people have devices that are able to access social media, such as tablets, smartphones, games consoles and laptops.

If the settings on these devices are not sufficiently secured this can unfortunately put them at risk.

Please ensure you check the settings of devices and monitor what children are watching and who they are talking to and ensure it is age appropriate for them to be accessing.

think u know is an excellent website that can help and support you as a family to stay safe online.