Term 3

Happy New Year

P.4 are delighted to be back to school after the Christmas holidays, many thanks for all your good wishes and kindness before Christmas. This term will be busy and longer and there are lots of exciting developments to look forward to.

Please note there is a change to the homework routine this term. All classes are now moving towards using a homework grid which gives pupils and parents’ flexibility and choice. There are aspects which should be covered every week but other activities which are dated and signed when completed.

This term out topic will be Titanic, also we will be covering some aspects of science related to water later in the term.  In the past I have found this topic to be very popular. Later this term we anticipate presenting an assembly for other pupils and parents.

In Maths we will be continuing to work on multiplying and dividing. We will be doing some work on measurement then later in the term on reading the time on both digital and analogue clocks. Whilst some will continue to read the time others will start to use time to work out problems. We will also be using money to make values, find the cost and to work out change.

In writing The Titanic Topic will provide us with lots of imaginative contexts. Following an end of term spelling test,  some pupils will be reinforcing words covered already while others move on to new sets of letter patterns/common words.  Spelling words to work on will be given out every couple of weeks.  Letter writing will be a focus in the first few weeks so revision of how to write your address would be helpful.

Please remember P.E  is on a Tuesday and Friday and will be happening inside until Easter.  No swimming this term.

Last term P4 did a fantastic job of presenting their Safety posters to P1-3. Groups visited classes and taught the pupils about how to keep safe in a variety of situations. Staff were impressed with their confidence and knowledge and how maturely the answered questions from the younger pupils.


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