P1 & P2 Parent Phone calls

A reminder for parents of pupils in P1 & P2 to please fill out the google form for your child’s class by the end of Monday to help us plan times for phone calls with the class teacher.
P1 – https://forms.gle/CjqwjedX1rhe3b4p9
P2 – https://forms.gle/dqxuHhiSsqueaZDz9
P2 pupils in P2/3 – https://forms.gle/vDJWFPLqxzy6ug6c8

Telephone Parental Consultations P1 & P2

As detailed in the November newsletter, we are currently unable to have a physical parents evening. Pupils in P3-P7 will receive a written interim report. As it is the first year in school for P1 pupils, and as P2 pupils did not complete their first year in school, we have arranged for P1 and P2 teachers to be available for telephone appointments. Parents can use the following online forms to specify times that they would be available. Please submit responses by Monday 30th November. Thank you.

P1 – Thursday 10th December – https://forms.gle/CjqwjedX1rhe3b4p9
P2 – Wednesday 9th December – https://forms.gle/dqxuHhiSsqueaZDz9
P2 pupils in P2/3 – Tuesday 8th December – https://forms.gle/vDJWFPLqxzy6ug6c8

Dear Parent.

The school is supporting a national initiative aimed at giving you the opportunity to learn how to act should your child ever suffer a choking or cardiac event.

Although rare, choking and cardiac emergencies in young children can be fatal and we urge all parents to take advantage of this scheme.

Currently only 2 in 10 parents know how to act in a life or death emergency.

The CPR Group are a not for profit CIC who with assistance from St John Ambulance have created “Little Lifesaver ” first aid packs for mums and dads, friends and family members to learn CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and how to prevent and help with choking.

The packs cost £3.99 each and are a vital learning tool that will definitely save lives.  We have attached an informational leaflet about the product.

Please order your packs through the school.

Many Thanks.

Mandy Clark

Dulaig Park Renovation is fundraising for new play equipment, suitable for all ages and abilities, for Dulaig Park in the centre of Grantown. They have been successful in securing over £19,000 from Berry Burn Community Fund. They have also been selected by the Coop Community Fund as one of their local causes. The group need as many families as possible to sign up for their cause to raise more funds. Sign up online: https://membership.coop.co.uk/causes/52157

You can find out more about the group on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/405637030088358

Children in Need

This Friday 13th November is Children in Need. We are inviting all staff and pupils to wear something spotty to show their support and there will be a collection of any loose change you may wish to donate. Thank you 🙂