Cauliflower Cards

Can parents please return their child’s artwork to school ASAP as they will be sent off to the company on Friday. Remember all orders have to be placed online by parents. Cash and cheques cannot be sent into school as the company will not accept those methods of payment.

27th September 2021

Dear Parents / Carers,

Under normal circumstances when the weather is very wet, we bring children into the hall to wait for the class bell in the morning. However, due to Covid restrictions we are unable to gather the children together in a large group.

From now on, if the weather is bad in the morning, either pouring with rain or snowing, we will stagger the start to the school day, this will give children the opportunity to go straight into their class on arrival rather than wait and get soaked/cold. On bad weather days, the register will be at 9.20am.

We have many children who don’t put their jackets on or do them up, and so end up getting wet needlessly. Please make sure your child comes to school wearing the appropriate waterproof jacket/ outerwear and footwear suitable for the weather conditions. A spare pair of leggings or trousers and a plastic bag for any wet clothing would also be useful should the weather be very bad.

Kind regards

Kip Clark


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